Guide to Indian Visa application for tourists

Guide to Indian Visa application for tourists If you are planning to travel in India, let us help you with itinerary planning, India for Beginners custom tour and lot more to make sure your trip to India is filled with more fun, magic and excitement. ETA India is an award winning travel guide which can transform your normal trip to the most memorable one, also providing all details for your guide to the Indian Visa application here. If you are from the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia and many other countries, you would require a passport and a Visa to visit India. However, getting a Visa for India has become much easier than ever. The Indian Visa application process now has an option to apply for an India Visa online which is called the e-Visa. It is less expensive and hassle free to obtain. Types of Visa 1. Regular Visa You need to apply at an Indian mission for a regular Visa, like for example the 10 year tourist Visa. You need to contact the Indian mission in your country to start the process of getting a regular Visa and filling out in details the Visa application form.You have to apply online first all the details. After which you have to print the form and bring it to your local consulate or the outsourcing company. This is a bit lengthy process which is a three step Indian Visa application process. And even this process requires accuracy and lot of documents to be submitted. Also the visa application can get cancelled if minor mistakes arise. 2. E-Visa The e-tourist Visa enables the prospective visitors to apply for an Indian Visa online from the home country. You can also pay the visa fee online. After approval, the applicant receives an email for authorization to travel. The visitor needs to carry a copy of this email authorization. On arrival at the airport, this needs to be presented to the immigration authorities. They would then stamp and allow the entry. 5 main categories for E-visa:  e-tourist visa  e-Business visa  e-Medical visa  e-Conference  e-Medical Attendant This facility is available to foreign travellers whose purpose of visiting India is  Tourism or sight seeing  Casual visit to friends or relatives  Recreation  Short duration medical treatment  Casual business visit  And strictlynot for any other activities. Duration and fee for E-visa Applicants of more than 160 eligible countries or territories can apply online at least before 4 days in advance from the date of arrival. This e-visa is valid for 120 days window. You can apply for the e-Visa twice in a calendar year. The maximum time period for staying in India for the e-Tourist visa is up to 1 year with multiple entries. Continuous stay on e-tourist visa India shall not exceed 180 days for the USA, UK, Canada and Japan nationals. For the other countries, it is 90 days. E-tourist Visa India fees once submitted will not be refunded. The fee is for processing of the application. So, it doesn’t depend on either Grant or Rejection of VISA. The sole purpose is to encourage and inspire you with information to live your travel dreams. So, plan a trip to India and all the necessary help will be guided by ETA India.